Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Gag

I was invited to try my hand at writing gags for the comic strip B.C.

Check out the B.C. strip this Saturday, 24 May. It's my gag!



Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So Much To Tell!

Spring has sprung in our neighborhood of the country and we've had a few very full few weeks - so it's time for an update!

First off - drumroll please - my 2.5 year PET scan was clear and I once again have a clean bill of health!!

To add icing to the cake of still being clear of cancer, Emrys and I both took part in our local Relay for Life event this past weekend which is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Most of you know that we live in a fairly economically depressed area (the 4bed/2bath & 31 acre house down the road from us is up for sale for $148K - want to be my neighbor?!). The economy of this area makes the accomplishments of the Relay for Life event that much more impressive in my book. The two teams from our little church raised $7229.43 to date! The event as a whole raised over $87,000! I'm so proud of our little area and our teams! The event isn't closed out yet and donations may still be made through the links to the right. While the money part was the main goal of the event, it was even more fun hearing stories of personal growth from folks on my team who did a phenomenal job and put in a lot of hard work. There are pictures below.

I'm also enjoying the nice weather and being out in the yard and gardening. I'm thoroughly enjoying the fact that the previous owner of our house put perennials everywhere and this year I'm getting to move them around where I want them and some of my flower beds are starting to look pretty good! I'm particularly a fan of Bleeding Heart which I moved so it could have it's own show and not have to share stage with Pink Rhodie. Pink Rhodie was kind of stealing the show! Daffodils are alomost done. Violas are just booming as is the Primrose. The sad part of spring was that Magnolia got frosted after it bloomed so right now all the flowers are brown and sad - these pictures are from before the frost. Anyway - enough about my flowers... here's some pictures - enjoy!