Saturday, April 21, 2007

Learning the Land

We closed on our house the first of December. As you can imagine, the yard and garden areas were at less than peak. But now it’s spring! As I walk around my yard, because I’m a Gardening Neanderthal the words most commonly heard out of my mouth are “oh look, another pretty flower”. (I have to make time to open up those books my mom brought at Christmas!)

We have bulbs and plants coming up everywhere! I’ve been educated that some of the flowers are irises and crocuses. Both are coming up purple. There are also some little white flowers coming up too. I’ve been cleaning out the garden beds and there are onions coming up all over the place out there. Either they’re renegade onions from years past or something! There’s also a bed that’s supposed to be asparagus. I’m hoping to clean the junk out of it this weekend to see if anything is coming up yet.

I’ve also realized that I have a small streak of “girly-girl”. As soon as the gardening gloves are donned I’m Gardening Girl – unafraid of the dirt and all the creepy crawly things living in it. My confidence bolstered by the thin layer of cotton between me and the dirt. Without the gloves, ew- worms and spiders and “there’s dirt under my fingernails”.

It’s another sunny day and I’m off for another somewhat busy day of running around. But I’m thinking that there will be garden time in there somewhere.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April Snow Storm

That's right folks! These are from Monday's snow storm! Monday, as in April 16th Monday. I sure hope spring's on the way!