Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We arrived in Manchester 5 weeks ago, with just an interview lined up. Now we're headed back to Phoenix with all sorts of things falling into place. Emrys was offered a position at Nineveh Presbyterian Church and all the hoops have been jumped through with flying colors and he will start on October 15th.

We were also blessed to find a month-to-month rental in NY so we have a place to live, without any long term commitment. It's our hope to buy a house and we've found one we like, but we're leaving those details in God's hands for now. Can't take that on until we get into the area.

We are so excited about these new beginnings and the opportunities ahead of us and praise God for the swiftness of the process.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Most Powerful Force

"The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest."
~ Albert Eistein*

For a house whose list price is $155,000 a down payment of 10% brings the value of the mortgage loan to $139,500. At an interest rate of just over 6%, the amount paid to the bank for the mortgage loan, over 30 years, will be about $330,000. Thus, by virtue of having $139,500 at its disposal, the bank will receive an additional $190,500.



* Source unconfirmed

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Isn't She Cute!

We're in CT - hanging out with Adam, Lara and Reese. It's great being close to family again and I'm, again, thoroughly enjoying my niece. She 7 months old and changing every time I see her and it's only been 3 weeks!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Yesterday Emrys preached for Nineveh Presbyterian Church in Nineveh, NY. He did a great job and after the worship service the congregation when straight to the congregational meeting where the members had a chance to ask questions of him – including one gal who asked “I’ve been to Colorado. Are you sure you’re ready to leave?” Perceptive folks! But we are ready to settle, the doors did not open for us to return to Colorado, and Nineveh voted to call Emrys as their full time pastor. And we all know what happens when you turn away from Nineveh . . . .

We are very excited about the chance to live in rural New York, close to family in the northeast, far from the frenetic city life and close to open lands, active rivers, woods, lakes, camping, hiking, gardening, crafting, biking, and all the other things we enjoy. We are ready to settle, and settle we will. Now we’re on the road again, taking care of stuff until October 10th. Emrys will start his position (pending the Presbytery inquisition & vote on Saturday) on October 15th.

And there is a house key at the end of the tunnel of travels… ahhhhh.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Playing Dress Up

The spring of my senior year of college as I was on my way to growing up. With my degree secured I was headed out to find a job in job expos and interviews. It was time to step up from my jeans and sweatshirts and oversized bohemian sweaters. For my last semester of college I became my friend Kierstead’s dress up doll. She’d pull out all sorts of things give them to me to try on, I’d pick and choose and generally walk out in clothes that I wouldn’t have though of picking for myself, but weren’t to bad. I could step out of Kierstead’s a step closer to the sophisticated, “I’m grown up you should give me a job” look. And since I was still a college student, raiding my friend’s closet was the best part of dorm life- we had fun! Then I got a job in Durango, CO where the jeans and bohemian sweaters fit right in. And one of the only jobs in So. Cal where jeans and khakis fit right in. Dress up was over and Kierstead’s closet was a far far away.

So, now I’m back in New Hampshire and Kierstead had the day off of work so we went shopping. This time at the outlets instead of Kierstead’s closet. She has the ability to make me look outside the box of what I’d normally wear and look at other options. We had a great time and got a lot of laughs… like when I told her that a certain outfit wouldn’t match my Birkenstocks. Standing in the Gap Outlet, I had three things in my hand, she had an armload. I mentioned that it looked like she had found a lot of options, then she told them that they were for me to try on. It was great fun spending a day with an old friend which is what it was really about. I still don’t like shopping, but with Kierstead, it’s a fun way to pass a day. Without Kierstead… I’ll go for the dot-com shopping :)