Sunday, July 31, 2005

It’s so hard to believe that it’s August tomorrow! This summer has gone by fast in some respects and seems to have dragged forever in others. We have 5th and 6th graders arriving this week for camp. It should be fun!

This round of chemo has been the first that Sara has felt the cumulative effects of the drugs. Fatigue is a little bit more wearing and stomach is a bit more sensitive. Sara will be in Durango more than she will be at camp this week so please keep her in your prayers as she goes for the CT Scan on Tuesday and for chemo on Thursday. She is particularly dreading the CT Scan as the first CT scan was a dreadful experience.

Emrys continues to keep busy around camp and enjoy preparing devotions and worship services for camp staff. We’re both looking forward to returning to Durango when camp ends and some time with Sara’s family over Labor Day.

Friday, July 22, 2005

4 Down- 4 To go

Four treatments down, four to go. I will consider it halfway done when my energy comes back and the CT scan is done (August 2). Praise God, the Nuelasta (bone marrow stimulating drug to boost my white blood count) worked great! Last time my white count was 3.6 on a scale of 4.1 (low)-10.9(high) and today it was up to 10.6! I was able to get the Emend (aka WonderDrug) and so hopefully I’ll just be ready to go this time around! I’m encouraged and at peace.

Thanks to all of you who have sent pictures and cards. It’s been a joy to hear from you all! I only wish I had the energy and discipline to write back to you all! But know that your thoughts, prayers, cards, letters and pictures are appreciated.

Much love!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

July Updates

The last few weeks have been filled with working, dodge-ball, Napoleon Dynamite nights and some nap times as camp has continued. Lots of pictures in the July Pictures link! Sara decided that dealing with the mess of losing her hair was more difficult than the “jump off the cliff” of a buzz cut. So Emrys went to pace with her and on Sunday night we both cut our hair. There are pictures of Emrys’ haircut and the last curl to go. Sara’s haircut was a little more emotional so we didn’t do pictures of that.

Emrys preached at First Pres in Durango on Sunday and that went well and it was good to see our First Pres "family". It was also nice to spend a "non-chemo" weekend in Durango and have Sara have some energy to hang out and visit and do some shopping.

We’re doing well and have 3 ½ weeks of camp left. After August 15th we’re headed out back to Durango to hang out through the rest of Sara’s chemo treatments- much to the delight of our First Pres family in Durango. We have also been given permission to delay our Parish Pulpit travels to January so stay tuned for travel details!

Friday, July 15, 2005


It’s Friday! And a non-chemo Friday which makes the sun shine a bit brighter and the sky a bit bluer and the grass a bit greener. Sara’s feeling better and regaining her energy. Emrys is working his usual camp stuff and a sermon for First Pres- Durango on Sunday. His “research” has included having to view the original three Star Wars movies this week. We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out how they relate to the book of Joshua.

Sara’s been resting a lot this week and is blowing through books. Since this week was a rental week at camp we’ve had lots of hands which make for light work. Staff also threw a “Hat Shower” for Sara. Check out pictures on the “What’s New” link on the Sonlight webpage.

We’re doing well and will be working on posting more pictures. Love you all!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Doing Well

Well, even without Wonder-Drug I am doing well today. I’ve actually “un-medicated” myself in only taking one of the anti-nausea drugs and leaving the other one alone until I need it and so far so good. This morning I had to get an injected med to kick my bone marrow into gear. Two weeks ago when they ran the tests my white count was a 4.7 (normal range 5.0-10.0 or 4.0-11.0 depending on which lab the work comes from), this time it was a 3.6 so we’re hoping that the injection works and give my white count the boost it needs to continue treatment.

So now we just pray that I stay healthy, that I lose the rest of my hair with grace and that I have patience with myself as the fatigue sets in again.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Medical Supply & Demand

Cycle two of chemo is underway. My white blood count is still low so tomorrow I’m having to get a shot of some fun drug that will prompt my bone marrow to get to work and generate more white blood cells. So please pray that that will go well and there will be minimal discomfort (apparently when the bone marrow gets to work, soreness in the larger bones-thighs & pelvis- are very common).

The Wonder-Drug (Emend) that I got last time that made the post chemo so bearable, is not stocked in any of the pharmacies or hospitals in Durango, Pagosa Springs, Farmington or Albuquerque. It is a very new drug and demand hasn’t gotten it in regular stock yet. It was kind of a fluke that I got the sample from my doctor last time. So we’re trying something else for this time. Please pray that that works as well. Next time we can get the Wonder-Drug in advance

Please also pray that I will be good and rest more and allow my body to deal with the fatigue as it needs. Thank you all who have e-mailed and sent cards and pictures. You’re keeping me smiling! Love to you all.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

"Normal" Days & Bears

It’s Sunday again and it’s going to be a good week. Sara’s back on her feet and ready to go, and Emrys is the energizer bunny that just keeps going, and going and going. Sara’s hair has started falling out and at the rate its going, will be gone in the next week or so. It’s amazing how many hairs are on our heads!! So far it’s just thinning but as soon as it gets clumpy, Emrys gets to buzz cut it!

This weekend we went for a picnic in town with friends we work with and then wandered the small town carnival. It was great to get out and have a “normal” evening. Sara dug out her scrapbooking this morning and spent a couple hours being crafty. It was a great therapy!

At about 4AM this morning we woke up to the bears. That’s right, the big brown furry kind. They were trying to get into the recycle bins outside of our cabin. Sara tried to get pictures but the screen on the window got on the way. We’ll keep trying.

We are well and are getting ready for High School camp this week. Sara will head back to Durango on Friday for the beginning of the second cycle of chemo and we just pray that the treatments continue to be fine tuned and more bearable. Thanks for the prayers. They continue to sustain us daily.
Much love to you!